2110 Design Group creates branding campaigns that position our clients for maximum success in their respective markets. We achieve this goal, in part, by designing visual identity programs that promote the unique selling proposition and personality of each client. We work with our clients (actively listening to them) to create strategies and brand images that resonate with their customers and business stakeholders. The logomarks and taglines featured below are samples from visual IDs developed by 2110 Design Group. These brand marks represent a diverse clientele serving markets such as education, corporate (b2b, b2c), med/tech, social profit, government, media and communication.

CEO Cohort Consortium Brand Mark

Future Forward Brand Mark and Tagline
2110 Design Group created and implemented a new branding campaign for the Future Forward Leadership Redesign Institute. The brand mark and tagline promote the value of education equity. A visual ID system was also created to manage the integrity of the new brand.

Anoka Tech Visual ID System (Samples)

(Portland Public Schools) Professional Learning and Leadership Center Brand Mark and Tagline

Portland Public Schools Rising Educator Academy Brand Mark and Tagline

MIJE Logo Ideation

Quality Data Systems Brand Mark

IdeaCorp Brand Mark

Black Music America Logo

Shades of Beauty Expo Logotype and Tagline

D-Global Music Logo

(NorthPoint, Inc.) Gateway Logo

FMBC Logo and Golf Tournament Badge

MRPP & Associates Communications Logomark

Freedom Jazz Festival Logomark

Learning Tree Ministry Logo and Tagline

CrossWord Church Brand Mark and Tagline

LNC Strategic Designs Brand Mark and Tagline

Integrated Wealth Partnership Brand Mark and Tagline

ATJW Brand Mark, Logo Type and Tagline

Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage 40th Anniversary Commemorative Logo

Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage 40th Anniversary Commemorative Logo

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